FirePoliceMX GP 2021. December 7th - Lake Elsinore MX

Discount Codes:

September 1-30 use code:  GP30 for 30% off.

October 1-31 use code: GP20 for 20% off.

November 1-30 use code GP10 for 10% off.

With your registration you will receive a confirmation email with a code for the Ambassador Program. Send this code to your moto buddies. They will receive $5 off their entry and you will get a $5 credit that will be reimbursed to your credit card on December 7th, 2021. You can earn enough to pay off your entire entry fee. You cannot earn more than you paid for your entry.

Race 1: 9am - 45 minutes

Race 2: 10am - 45 minutes

Race 3: 11am - 30 minutes

Race 4: 12pm - 2 hours

Race 5: 2:15pm - 45 minutes (Stock exhaust on all UTV's due to city sound restrictions)



Race 1: 9am - 45 minutes

Almost done. Where should we send the confirmation?

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